Sports nutrition from leading manufacturers in the online store BELOK.UA.

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Sports nutrition from leading manufacturers in the online store BELOK.UA.

People who go in for sports, fitness, lead an active lifestyle associated with increased physical activity, you need a special, sports nutrition. These are nutritional supplements, concentrates that help improve athletic performance, provide essential nutrients for muscle growth, increase endurance, and promote the breakdown and burning of fats. Sports nutrition is specially developed to meet special needs, it is characterized by a high content of energy components.

Sports nutrition – variety and purpose.

Healthy nutrition, a properly balanced diet plays an important role for health, active longevity, and provides energy for sports. Getting all the necessary substances from natural food is problematic. So, some important amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins are contained in a limited list of products, and in insignificant quantities.

And to cover the increased need for protein, which is necessary for representatives of strength sports to build muscle mass, they would have to eat huge portions of meat and cottage cheese. The stomach simply would not be able to cope with the load if this need were met by natural nutrition.

Sports nutrition is dietary supplements that contain certain nutrients in a purified, concentrated form. Sportpit supplements the normal diet. There are different groups of sports nutrition, the choice depends on the goals:

– the most widespread and demanded type of sports nutrition. It is a high protein, low fat and carbohydrate dry blend that is used to make protein shakes. Protein as a sports food is taken to build muscle mass, and when combined with a low-calorie diet, this supplement helps burn fat. gainer is a protein-carbohydrate mixture, this sports nutrition provides energy for training and building material for muscles, and also contributes to the rapid replenishment of energy costs; creatine is a carboxylic acid, which is contained in muscles, participates in the processes of energy metabolism, and is actively consumed during physical activity. This sports supplement increases endurance, helps to increase muscle mass and improve strength, it is the most popular sports nutrition among bodybuilders; amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, the building blocks of muscles.

The intake of amino acids is necessary to prevent muscle breakdown after exercise, to ensure their growth. This is a useful sports nutrition for drying, that is, building muscle mass in parallel with burning fat. Sports nutrition store offers BCAA (leucine, isoleucine and valine), amino acid complexes, and individual amino acids (arginine, glutamine); fat burners – supplements, the effect of which is most pronounced in combination with a low-calorie diet and physical activity, therefore they are classified as sports

nutrition. This group includes a number of additives with different effects – some increase energy consumption, others increase the rate of metabolic processes, and others block the absorption of calories. Fat burners help athletes get rid of excess weight, body fat, and achieve a beautiful muscle relief.

Also, sports nutrition includes:

Supplements to increase levels of testosterone, a hormone that stimulates muscle growth energy bars for a quick snack, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, often with vitamin supplements; Meal substitutes are tasty and healthy foods that can be used as a dessert, a treat for those on a diet, or as a substitute for one of the meals.

Assortment of sports nutrition store BELOK UA.

The online sports nutrition store Belok offers a wide selection of products for different purposes:

supplements of various categories – proteins, amino acids, high-carbohydrate and high-protein gainers, fat burners, creatine, testosterone boosters; complexes of sports supplements that can be taken before training to increase their effectiveness and after for a speedy recovery; bars and food replacements – peanut butter, ice cream concentrates, puddings, high-protein pancakes, fiber sources – oatmeal, granola; energy, isotonic for runners and cyclists, providing endurance under prolonged loads.

In addition, the range includes:

biological active additives for health and longevity. Individual vitamins and vitamin-mineral complexes that are useful for the skin, eyes, female and male reproductive health, central nervous system, cardiovascular, immune system. Omega-3 acids, antioxidants, chondroprotectors, drugs for normalizing sleep, weight loss.

All of them are created on the basis of natural ingredients, combine efficiency with a mild, safe action; everything for training in the gym or at the stadium – men’s and women’s clothing, equipment, accessories, including those Oppo F9 Sale – designed for convenient transportation and preparation of sports nutrition.

If you are engaged in power sports in any city: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Lviv, it is assumed that sports nutrition will become an integral part of your lifestyle. It contains in a “compressed”, concentrated form the optimal balance of energy components (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) necessary to increase muscle mass, and vitamins – to restore energy expended during training.

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